Peace Secondary School

June 30, 2011Posted by Headmaster


Peace Secondary School a modern secondary school offering day and boarding school services to students from various schools all over East Africa. Our streams have minimal students in each class to give room for teachers to reach out to every student without over stressing themselves thus making a remarkable impact on their academic progress.

The School runs on termly basis:

Term 1 runs from the first week of January up to the 1st week of April.

Term 2 runs from the first week of May to the 1st week of August.

Term 3 from the 1st week of September to the 1st week of December.

The school started in 2004 September on receiving Primary Seven Pioneers from the sister school; Amani Boarding English Medium Nursery and Primary school.These attended an orientation course of intense study for a few month there after joining senior two in 2005. These pioneers sat for senior two National Examinations and performed successfully as shown below:

School Staff and Environment

September 10, 2009Posted by Admistrator


The school has a self driven, well qualified and hard working staff with the following qualifications:

  • Diploma in Secondary Education.
  • Diploma in Counseling and guidance.
  • Diploma in physical exercises and Sports
  • Degree in Secondary Education.

    Peace Secondary school has classes from senior one to senior four with streams that have different names including; Blue, Purple, Orange, Indigo and Magenta on a well scheduled time table for students'lessons and extra curricular activities. We accommodate students of all religions thus taking all denominations to thier places of worship such as mosques and churches. We facilitate our students to attend to their religious rituals such as Holy communion and Confirmation for Christians; Fasting ( facilitate our Moslem with all the necessities).